4 thoughts on “The 30 Second Meditation on Youtube”

  1. Hello, MG!

    I will try your tips today! Thanks for taking your time to share your experience and thoughts!
    Oh, and what do you think about “Binaural Beats” (alpha, beta, gamma, theta frequencies)? It works for me but I still can’t tell if it’s a placebo or just a simple method to avoid external sounds (I live in a very noisy place!).

    Best wishes,

    1. Binaural beats are actually an auditory illusion, in that a new sound is perceived which is not presented. It’s still doubtful if Binaural Beats have any effect on the brain. Some people may find certain binaural beats to be relaxing or energizing and some people will get headache by listening to the same beats. If someone tells you that this music will relax your mind then most probably you will feel relaxed but it is the power of suggestion, the power of your belief and expectation. If it helps you to redirect your attention from external sounds and if it works for you then go for it. It is better to listen Binaural beats then listening to external sounds..! By the way you can also feel relaxed if you listen to the noice or what you call external sounds without resisting them.

      1. Actually, I a bit autist (Asperger Syndrome in “low level”) and loud noises really bother me… But I will try your suggestion.

        Thank, again,

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