What if people ignore you?

by tropical.pet

To avoid or to ignore someone (for no reason at all) is a subtle way of getting attention. If suddenly you find that people are ignoring you then most probably you are doing well and you don’t have time to pay attention to others.

A person who is ignoring you is behaving like a person shown in the  image above.

People ignore you that does not mean that you are stupid. Perhaps they are more stupid than you.

If someone ignore you then your first reaction is that you get confused and start looking if you have made any mistake.

If you stop gossiping then people who love gossip will avoid you and you will lose some friends. If you quit smoking then smokers will quit you. If you stop drinking alcohol then drinkers will avoid you. If you get rich then poor will ignore you.

Bird of the same feather flock together.

He is ignoring you means either you are not matching with his mindset  or he is trying to get your attention.

Sometimes a person can ignore you because he is unable to dominate or manipulate you. Sometimes he ignore you because he feel inferior in your presence. He want to escape from the reality.

There may be hundred reasons when someone ignore you.

The question is ‘how to deal’ with this kind of situation.

Always remember that the person who ignore you will never give any clarification for his strange behavior. So never ask him why he is avoiding you or why he is ignoring you. If you ask him why he is behaving like this then he may reply that he is not ignoring you, he is just busy. He will never tell the true reason.

It is not what happens to you but how you perceive that situation and give that situation a meaning which serves you that matters. Next time if someone ignore you or avoid you then don’t feel sad. Change your belief (meaning) about that situation.

by Ape La

Try following tips to change your belief:

  • Ignore the person who ignore you.
  • When a person ignore you he is creating an empty space in your life. Use that space wisely to create something meaningful and productive.
  • Perhaps he is not ignoring you, he is simply going through a phase.
  • Realize that there will be always some people who ‘like’ you and there will be always some people who ‘dislike’ you.
  • A person who ‘like’ you today may ‘dislike’ you tomorrow.
  • Never seek approval from others.
  • If someone is ignoring you then it is his/her problem because he is slave of his own limiting belief about you.
  • Some people feel jealous of your success, happiness or positive attitude.
  • Some people are attention seeker drama queens. (Pay attention to me or I will ignore you..!)
  • Some people want more respect, if you don’t give them respect then they will ignore you.
  • People have an agenda, if you don’t fit into their agenda then they will ignore you.
  • Some people has a policy of use and throw.
  • Some people are really busy and they don’t have time for you.
  •  Some people have many problems and unsolved issues in their personal life.
  •  Some people believe that you are stupid. Their belief  is not your reality.
  • Perhaps they want to hide their ugly faces.
  • Perhaps they are trying to escape from the reality.
  • Perhaps your role in their life is finished.
  • Perhaps they feel inferiority complex in your presence.
  • Perhaps they believe that now you are useless for them.
  • You can’t control others but you can control your own emotions.
  • Redirect your attention on something which makes you feel happy.
  • Never get attached to people and their silly opinions about you.
  • Love and hate are two faces of the same coin.
  • There is no need to prove yourself.

When someone ignore you, you believe that, ‘he is ignoring me = I have made some serious mistake’. Change this belief to ‘he is ignoring me = it is his mistake’ or ‘he is ignoring me = he is attention seeker’.

Take it easy and move on. There are millions of people around you. You can always make new friends and there will be always someone who truly appreciate you. Stay busy and focus on your goals. Don’t waste your valuable time in worrying about public opinion. There are so many important things in life then paying attention to sick behavior of a person and trying to figure out why he is behaving this way?

Nothing is permanent. Humans are unpredictable. Kids will cry when they need your attention and adults will ignore you when they seek your attention.

by symphony of love

13 thoughts on “What if people ignore you?”

  1. Thanks for your valuable words. I was very depressed and sad when I found my close buddies are ignoring me. You have given me a hope. I found each and everything correct whatever you have written. Now I am happy and can focus on my goals and objectives. Thank you once again. Thank you so much.

  2. I pretty much liked this article especially the last stanza . It has been helpful in a similar situation. Thanks to writer.

  3. This was helpful because I have a friend that’s avoiding me and I don’t know why and I tried asking but I didn’t get a response and also I think he like me but i don’t

  4. This was one of the BEST articles I have ever read in my life! So straight to the point and truth! Seems like the best articles always gets the least responses. I have no idea why. I guess people sort of take what they get and move on without acknowledging aloud, the gift they’ve just received. And this is truly a gift! Thank you! So very inspiring and insightful!

  5. It’s a fabulous article..m going to same situation..I was feeling bad coz all my close buddies ignoring me and I don’t know d reason..I feel very lonely n always have the question y they r doing like dis..bt this article helps me alot..
    Thank u so much..God bless u ☺

  6. thank you so much this really helped me to be able to sort my emotions and realize that life goes on even when the person you likes suddenly changes.

  7. Thanku so much . Me too so happy with the article . It gave great strength n hope . I was so low n depressed until I read it . Now there is a big smile on face .

  8. After reading this article, I think I truly understand why my high school group of friends all just suddenly stopped talking to me junior year. My mother kept telling me they were jealous of me, but I never understood why that would make them stop talking to me because I didn’t understand why they would be jealous. Now that I think of it, it’s kind of obvious since I got accepted into a top university around that time in a really nice city across the country.

    Thank you for writing this. I always felt like I did something wrong just by existing or something back then. I feel like I can finally shrug off that nagging feeling I get every time I remember those days.

  9. WHatever u have written is absolutely correct..this article really helped me to get out of my emotions… Excellent article!

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