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Top 16 ways of getting over inferiority complex

photo credit: Franck Vervial via photopin cc

Inferiority complex is the result of comparison, competition, lack of self confidence etc.

Teachers, parents and education teach children to worship success, money and power. Students feel inferior when they fail to get expected grades in class. Grades are more important than talent.

Most people believe that if they have money and power then society will ignore their mistakes and respect them. That’s why corruption has become such a great problem. Nobody wants to feel inferior so people are trying to find a shortcut to success and money.

Money and success cannot free you from inferiority complex because there is always someone who is better than you.

If you want to get free from inferiority complex then follow these tips.

  1. Stop worshiping money and power.
  2. Respect talent and wisdom.
  3. Stop comparing yourself with others. Every person is unique. Everyone has some talent or gift.
  4. Find your greatness. We are living in a magnificent world. Look around and feel the mystery of life. Look within and feel the magic of being here.
  5. Have confidence in yourself and your abilities. Don’t get mesmerized by someone’s wealth and power.
  6. Everyone has some special skill and talent. Find your talent and improve it. Pay attention to your growth and progress.
  7. Instead of focusing on what is lacking in your life focus on developing your strengths and skills. Use your skills to become successful.
  8. Find small moments of success in your life and celebrate them. Drawing a beautiful sketch is success, writing an inspiring article is success, doing your workout is success, reading a book is success.
  9. Feel grateful for what you have. Feel grateful for your family, friends, cloths, shoes, food, the air you breathe, your fitness, your relationships and you will never feel inferior.
  10. Feeling inferior means you are looking in wrong direction. Simply shift your focus towards the things which makes you feel good, which makes you feel happy and you will feel comfortable.
  11. Doesn’t respect people just because they are rich, famous and more powerful than you but respect them because they are also human beings just like you and they have shown you a possibility of great success and achievement.
  12. Fear is the mother of inferiority complex. Drop the fear.
  13. Always believe that you can accomplish anything if you work on your vision.
  14. Keep an attitude of learning. If you see a successful person then instead of feeling inferior study his ‘beliefs and attitudes’. Try to elicit his strategies and model them. Try to find out which qualities and skills makes him more successful adopt those qualities in your life.
  15. Don’t try to replace your ‘inferiority complex’ with ‘superiority complex’ because they are two faces of the same coin.
  16. Don’t set goals of BECOMING someone, set goals of DOING something.