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Time: The most VALUEABLE thing in your life!

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Do you know guys, what is the most important thing in your life?
Hahaha, I have already written that in the title of this post…!

Yes, TIME is the most precious thing in your life!

Sir, do you have time to read my article?
You may find my research very interesting and thought provoking.

Okay, fine!

Time is the most valuable thing in your life, more valuable than SEX AND MONEY.  Every moment you are getting older and older.

With every word I type here I’m getting older and with every word you read this post you are getting older and older. (Please note: You are getting older and older NOT because you are reading my post but because time is passing…!)

So don’t waste your time in silly activities and with stupid people because time is passing speedily and it will never come back.

The time you waste with stupid people will never come back. The time you waste feeling sad when that pretty girl rejects you will never come back. The time you spend with an abusive boyfriend or with a cheating hubby will never come back. Time is the most valuable thing in your life and you can literally mold this time as you wish when you make wise choices.

If you don’t like that job then you are wasting your time. If you don’t like your friend circle then you are just killing time. When you are living the way which you don’t like, you are wasting your life.

If you want to get married then don’t live as a single and if you want to live single then don’t get married. Nothing is wrong when you live as per your inner voice and choose that which makes you feel good and happy.

If you are making tons of money but not enjoying your work then it is time to quit that work and find something else which could make you happy. Because you live only once. Write this quote on your forehead,  “You only live once!” (“YOLO!”)

Time moves in only forward direction so never look back and regret on your past mistakes.

There is a great quote and it must be true because my friend Shivaji said it, “Never waste your 30 minutes chating with a girl (having pretty face with zero IQ) on Whats app or Facebook if she’s never gona kiss you!” (by the way he has many Facebook accounts with female names which he use to sell his crappy products and drive huge traffic to his movie blogs and earn thousands of $$$ every month…genius man! Internet gangsta!!! This is how one should use Facebook wisely!)

How to use your time wisely?

It is very simple. If you want to use your time wisely then find some activities which can help you to earn money or to improve your health and life style or simply make you more happy.

The best way to use your time wisely is to learn new skills and the foolish way to use your time is to worry about something or blaming someone for your situation.

So, how to use your time wisely:

  1. First of all find out what is missing in your life.
    (for example: fitness, money, friends, peace of mind, love etc. )
  2. Then make a list of activities which can help you to fix these things.
    (for example: going to gym or yoga for one hour, find ways to earn on-line every day for one hour,  meet people and make new friends, do meditation or spend some time in nature for one hour, approach one girl everyday to find out your ideal lover)
  3. Commit yourself to work on Point number 2.

In my view learning new skills is the most interesting way to use time wisely. Don’t kill your time surfing on the Internet, instead focus on something which you really want to learn and gather that SPECIFIC INFORMATION. Instead of stalking on Facebook profiles search for specific information which can help you to improve your lifestyle.

Instead of watching porn videos practice and learn how to approach girls without fear and how to talk with them like a real man. Girls  like boys who approach them confidently and give them good compliments like a good friend or say something really funny but they will hate you if they come to know that you watch porn. (“Oh…look at this guy, he watch porno…sooo disgusting…silly!!!”) And those porn sites have tons of viruses. If you are using Windows operating system then your system will get infected (Operating system). In this case using Linux operating system will be a wise decision.

Personally I use Ubuntu (latest version 14.04 LTS) NOT for watching porn but simply because I love Ubuntu. I like my LXDE desktop. It’s stable and really fast and it saves my time.  I have stopped using Windows since ages.

If you are still using Windows then you are not my friend.

I hate you…!

Format your PC and install Ubuntu!

Okay, Love you..! (But I’m not a gay!!!)

Screen-shots of my Ubuntu 14.04 LTS desktop

My Ubuntu 14.o4 LTS desktop with LXDE
My Ubuntu 14.04 LTS desktop with LXDE
My Ubuntu 14.o4 LTS desktop with UNITY
My Ubuntu 14.04 LTS desktop with UNITY

Time is very short. We are not going to live here forever. You don’t have time to read thousands of books on meditation and doing hundreds of techniques. (Otherwise you will miss other things like girls, money, fitness, traveling, family, computers, movies, martial arts etc.) And without all these things in your life  even if you get enlightened you will feel like a stupid man who climbed on the Everest from the wrong direction!

In my view one should learn to create fun and joy in his life. If you get fun in chasing women like my friend Alen then go for it. If you get fun in doing workout in gym for hours and hours like my fitness trainer Altaf Bhai  then go to the gym. If you enjoy coding like my friend Shivaji then go for coding, if you like martial arts like my friend  Shay Rakotch then go for martial arts and if you like to express your thoughts (like MG!) then go for blah…blah….blah…blogging.

My friend and my fitness trainer Altaf Bhai
My friend and my fitness trainer Altaf Bhai

Just remember one thing, at the end of life if somebody ask you to pick up the best moment in your life then it should be very difficult for you to find the best moment from millions of happy moments you lived!

And do YOGA, it will increase your sex energy
(More sex energy = prolooooonged sex = using your time wisely…!!!)

I highly recommend Yoga, NOT for enlightenment or awakening your Kudalini but for your happy and fulfilling sex life and for your  fitness. So, remember YOLO and YOGA.

One of the greatest thinker of our time said, “I don’t have TIME to read those 650 spiritual books (…or bullshit) about god and meditation. I will find that TIMELESS STATE (NIRVANA) by meeting 650 women”. Fortunately that great thinker is still alive and walking on this planet. Please scroll this page up and find his name written in bold letters.

Ahhh….don’t waste your valuable time reading my bullshit posts.
Get the fcuk off man! Go out in the streets!! Have fun!!!