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Best time for meditation

La méditation, meditation techniques

By dalbera

Someone asked me what is the best time to do meditation? Many people believe you have to meditate early in the morning. You should have a separate room, you should sit in a particular posture and you should breathe in a particular way.

In my view meditation is simply watching yourself. And you are nothing but your thoughts. Don’t say I’m soul or I’m eternal. You are not. As long as you are thinking you are just a thought, period. When you are angry you are anger and when you are fearful you are fear. You are not separate from your thoughts and emotions.  So meditation begins from where you are. Just have a look at yourself as you are. Just see what’s going on. Just look inside casually without any intention to change or improve yourself. And whatever you see inside just accept it without condemnation or criticism. This is meditation.

Suppose you are angry then be angry and look at yourself. Do not justify or condemn your anger. It is there and you cannot do anything about it because it is you.  Simply observe this state and it will dissolve. Anything you do against anger will only add more momentum to the anger. And this is same with all emotions.

So people think best time to meditate is early in the morning or in the evening. But in my view best moments for meditation are:

1)      When someone insults you, when you get deeply hurt

2)      When you want to kill someone,

3)      When somebody is threatening you

4)      When death is knocking on your doors

5)      When you are in extreme pain

6)      When you feel jealous

7)      When you see nice butts on the road and become totally unconscious

8)      When there is traffic jam and you feel irritate

9)      When your beliefs are shaken, when your dreams are shattered

10)   When you come to know that your friend is a back stabber

11)   When your wife run away with her boyfriend

12)   When someone very dear to you died

13)   When somebody put a gun on your head or knife at your throat

14)   When you visit someone in the hospital who is near death

15)   When you feel awkward

16)   When you are in extreme frustration or depression

17)   When someone challenge you or when you challenge someone

18)   When you feel lonely

19)   When your beloved break your heart

These are only few examples. Usually best time to watch yourself is when you lose your consciousness. Watch yourself in different situations and at different occasions. Forget about enlightenment and spirituality. Just look at you in different moods. Always observe what’s going on inside the madhouse. You will see that this madness has no end. It is so vast and eternal. Your morning meditations and evening satsangs are all bullshit. Actually your so called meditations, gurus, seminars also belongs to this madness. Even if you meditate for 24 hours, in the end of life you will find that you reach nowhere. Never try to escape from this madhouse just enjoy looking at it and have fun.