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Living for others

Yesterday I come across a Holy man who is living for others!

I asked him why you presuppose that others need your help. To my surprise this question suddenly made him furious. I told him that you are running away from this ‘anger’. You can not help yourself, how can you help others…hm?

Now, this holy man is running away from his anger, lust and shallowness. There was great noise of loud speakers and some prayer was going on as if God is dumb. Devotees were donating money and the show was going on. And suddenly my question made him very uncomfortable.

So called spiritual leaders are preaching you to ‘live for others’, and to devote your lives in service to others. There is nothing new in this ‘sugar pill’. You live for others and others will live for you. You are not able to solve your own pity problems but you live for others. Living for others is a great ego trip. And ‘living for other’ is escape from YOUR emptiness. You are living for others, now you don’t have to look at your ugliness.

Many so called ‘living for others’ are helping others just to convert them into their religions, others are collecting money for building holy places to start passive flow of money. When someone is hiding himself behind the mask of ‘living for others’ it’s very difficult for him to look at his own mind. How could you guide and help others when you are helpless and blind. ‘Living for others’ type people behave as if they know everything about God and Life, and they are the only messenger of God. In fact they do very little for others but make lots of show off. Their magazines and websites are loaded with photographs and propaganda of their shallow work and shoddy ego. If you did something for poor, helpless, diseased then what is the need for shouting and telling to the world?

The person who lives for himself and a ‘light unto himself’ is only able to help  others. ‘Living for others’ is just a stupid concept for those who are living in darkness of ages, and if you are living in darkness then your help will only cause more disorder and trouble in others lives. I have seen this kind of help is actually punishment for others. It is humiliation. You are making them dependent and open for YOUR manipulation.

First of all help yourself, look at yourself, and identify what is behind your motive. Look deeply into your own ugliness. Those who are living for others BLINDLY are already dead. There is nothing spiritual in the concept of ‘living for others’. History is full of this kind of bullshit. You can run from yourself and your ugly mind in the sweet name of ‘service to humanity’ for your whole life and torture innocent people in the name of serving.