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Fear vs fearlessness

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Somebody asked me how to become fearless?

Fearlessness is stupidity. First thing you have to understand that your mind is not a stupid mechanism. If it is getting fearful then it is just giving you the signal to become more alert and careful. Fear is not your enemy. In that way fear is just a signal. Fear is a mechanism which helps you for survival.

You should be fearful if you are entertaining thoughts of sleeping with your friend’s wife or girl friend. You should be fearful if you are driving at the speed of 140 on highway (in India). Otherwise you will get into some serious trouble.

If there is fear and if it is valid then you must respect your inner voice and stop immediately.

There are many fears. Suppose you are afraid of meeting people or being social then of course it is illogical. If you are afraid of public speaking then you must try your best to get over this fear. If you have fear of elevators then you must find a way to overcome this fear.

Confidence is just a meaningless word for a person who is going through fear. Fear is reality while confidence is just an empty word.

If you are going through fear then observe it and try to understand if it is valid or just stupidity. Once you could differentiate between a ‘valid signal’ and ‘illogical stupid fear’ it becomes easier to take the right action.

If the fear is valid then don’t go ahead and if the fear is illogical and stupid then observe it. Fear is not a permanent state. It is a process. You make certain representations in your mind. You run certain images in your mind. You also talk to yourself in a certain tone of voice in your mind. Observe this process and listen to your self talk. See how you create this thing namely ‘fear’ in your mind. In this observation itself you will find a way out.

Never impose an idea of ‘confidence’ upon your mind. There is only ‘fear’ or ‘absence of fear’.

Fear is a reality and it has a systematic structure. If you observe that structure then in that observation there is intelligence which brings spontaneous freedom from that particular fear. Then you don’t have to forcefully impose an idea of confidence.

It’s not confidence but KNOWLEDGE will free you from fear

Suppose you learn and understand all and everything about snakes then you will not feel fearful about snakes. There are many people who know how to handle poisonous snakes and they don’t fear snakes. But if you don’t know about how to handle a snake and you forcefully impose an idea of confidence and it is possible to impose an idea of confidence through hypnosis or positive affirmations, then you are in a life and death situation.

In my view so called confidence, faith and beliefs are stupidity. Instead use your inner guidance and common sense in each situation. Sometimes blind faith or confidence could lead you into a dangerous situation.

You can create any state, for example one of my friend used to practice driving car in his visualization. He become very confident and comfortable with cars in his imagination. He also learned to drive car (in a driving school) in very short period and then he meet an accident, the reason was his confidence. Although he was confident his body was not familiar with all the details of the mechanism and it was not ready to handle the real traffic on the road.

Although visualization is a great tool to learn or practice a new behavior like public speaking but when it comes to learn to drive a car it may create a false sense of confidence. Alcohol also creates a false sense of confidence and fearlessness.

False sense of confidence under the influence of alcohol

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Once my another friend drovehis car at the speed of 200 KM per hour on Bombay Pune Express Highway. I was seating beside him on the front seat. He was constantly changing tracks to overtake other cars. Looking out through glasses I felt as if we had entered into a video game. He left behind hundreds of cars in just few minutes. He was quite confident about his driving skill under the influence of alcohol but later he confessed that it was a serious mistake and he behaved like a dumb ass. He also believes that his car (Volvo) is quite safer than Mercedes and BMW. Perhaps he is right and I am agree with him but still 200 KM per hour speed is too much on Indian roads. This kind of fearlessness could kill you. At the speed of 200 you become fully alert and there is no fear because there is no time for thinking but it is a dangerous situation. Of course it is a very meditative state, you are 100% in the present moment because there is no way to drift into the past or future. Hence there is a madness for speed. Adventure sports are getting popular. You enter into an altered state.

If you are totally alert then there is neither fear nor confidence, there is only a signal. You have to recognize that message and take the right action. Otherwise you may find yourself into a dangerous situation.