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Love and sex

A youngster newly fall in love asked MG, “What is love?”

“It is just a four letter word”, replied MG,

“And FUCK?”, asked the boy impatiently,

“It is another four letter word” replied MG quietly.



Love is mind, it is just a thought. It is your imagination. There is nothing spiritual or mystical in it. You concentrate on one person and think that he/she is the only one. Actually that person has some criteria which is matching to your criteria, that’s all. There is nothing special about it. As long as that criteria is matching, you are friends or lovers. You unconsciously hypnotize your mind that this is the only one. In reality there are many people out there who can be your potential lovers.

Sex is just a need for pleasure. When that need is over love is finished, only relationship is left with its complications. You can never go from Sex to Super-consciousness as Osho has described in his talks. At least I never come across any such person. Sex is a pleasure just like any other pleasure. Sex or celibacy both are mind games. Its only when you understand the futility of chasing sex and love there is freedom from craving and pleasure.

Certain chemicals are released in the brain when you get attracted to someone, it is called Dopamine. It has almost same effect on brain as Cocaine. Serotonin keeps your lover popping in your brain. So love is just a chemical addiction between two people. Oxytocin is released by men and women during orgasm, which deepens the attachment, and you feel closer to your beloved. Vasopress released after sex helps to keep long term commitment and relationship. if you give a drug to suppress the effect of above said chemicals, love will be deteriorate. Chemical effect is strong as long as the lover is new but as the love affair get old the effect is fade up and the search for new lover begins. This is the basic reason of all love breaks.

Love and hate are two faces of the same coin, that is mind. You can not hate the person you never loved.

He/she is not beautiful, attractive or sexy, it’s YOUR mind making you fool.

Love is not god, love is a chemical shit ~ MG