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New year resolutions

Hey guys, enough chit-chat of living in the present moment. Those who live only in the present moment don’t have the vision for the future.

You should learn from the past, work on your present and have a vision for the future.

So, you should have a vision for the next year and also for the next ten years and also for the future generations. That I call wisdom and intelligence.

Anyway, these are some quick ideas which come to my mind and I would like to share them with you.

First of all take a notebook and make a list of your new year resolutions. Read them as often as possible and keep adding new ideas.

Write goals about every area in life like fitness, finance, relationships, hobbies, travel, changing habits, adopting new beliefs etc.

  • Set goals about fitness. There is no shortcut to have a perfect body. You can choose any type of workout you like. Consistency is very important. You can do running, yoga, weight training, martial arts. Anything will do.  I workout regularly with my Resistance bands. I also workout with Bullworker. Bull-worker is out of fashion now days but I really love it. If you get bored with one exercise then do another for few days or weeks. I used to workout in gym but now with my Resistance Band and Bullworker I can do my workout anywhere.
  • Share your ideas with like minded people. Write a blog. If you like an article then drop a comment. Your comments will ignite the writer. Don’t become just a passive reader. And never troll in forums or blogs. Only a looser and AFC (average frustrated chump) drop abusive comments on blogs. This moment millions of people are reading stuff online. You can also earn money by writing content or publishing videos on Internet.
  • Challenge your limiting beliefs. Find at least one limiting belief everyday and challenge that belief from every possible angle. In one year you will replace 365 limiting beliefs with 365 resourceful beliefs.
  • Make new friends. Go out and meet new people. Improve your conversation skills. Approach at least five unknown people everyday and talk with them.
  • Spend some time with nature and with animals. There must be some beautiful places nearby your home or in your town. Connect yourself with nature. Stay away from internet, smartphones, tablets and kindles for at least one hour.
  • Write a book. Share your knowledge with people. You can publish your book very easily on the sites like Smashwords, Kindle and Lulu. You can publish your book either free or you can also sell your book.
  • Control your bad habits. If you can not quit smoking then at least control your habit. Reduce your smoking to one cigarette everyday. If you can not quit alcohol then 90 ML. is okay. But don’t cross the limits.
  • Stay happy no matter what happens in your life. Just find small reasons to stay happy. There is only one way to live in a right way and that way is the way of happiness. Find your happiness in small things. Never compare your achievements with others. Comparison is a sure way to lose your happiness.
  • Read books, forums, blogs. I have thousands of books on my tablet, phone and Kindle reader. Whenever I get time even for ten minutes I read books.
  • Have a plan for your life. Do not go with the flow. Give a direction to your life. Think carefully in which direction you want to go and which skills you need to develop to reach there.

These are just few ideas. You can find your own.

Wish you a very happy and prosperous new year…!!!

(Photo credit: creepyed via photopin cc)