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Why should I meditate?

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By h.koppdelaney

Many people want to know why they should meditate. Well there is no reason. They can continue as they are living. If you want to get peace and happiness in life then meditation will not give you peace or happiness instantly. Meditation is to look within, to look into your mind. It will give you clarity and you will understand why you behave like this. You will know about your fear, anger, lust, ambition, ego, time, love and death from your direct experience or direct contact with yourself. You will also know whether there is such a thing as eternal life and if you are part of that life or not. It will be not just a belief but your own experience. Then you will not wonder about what happened to Jesus or Buddha. Then you will know from your own experience what exactly happened to them and how people misinterpret them.

Forget about the word meditation because it has many misconceptions attached to it. Observation is more accurate word then meditation. This observation has no goal except to notice your mind carefully. When you look at your mind carefully then you automatically go to the roots of any problem in your life because all problems have their roots in your own mind.

You should look at your problems from every angle. Each thought represents a different angle so you should be able to watch without any judgment. This observation of the mind is only way to understanding the self. Maturity means to understand the self. This self is made up of thoughts and images. Self is the center of your life. Don’t say this is the false center and I’m soul which is never born and never going to die because it is not reality for you. Currently you live into the confined space created by thought.

You are surrounded by the walls created by thoughts, beliefs, concepts, religions, scientific conclusions, isms etc. This is your reality and you have to look into all this garbage. So don’t expect that meditation means running away into some fanciful state like sacchidanandaa(truth, bliss, happiness).

If you want sacchidananda then alcohol is the shortest way.  Meditation will bring you nightmares. You will not believe what is happening in your mind. There are layers upon layers. First few days, months or may be years you will feel like you have lost in jungle. You will find that your beliefs and faiths are standing on doubts. You will find that Jesus and Krishna are not going to save you. All psychological consolations will be shattered. Whatever you have collected in the name of spirituality will have no meaning at all. This is the clarity of mind. Clarity means to see things as they are. This clarity will bring you frustration but it is worth because this is the only way to know the truth.

Why should you meditate?

You should not meditate; you should observe yourself in different situations to discriminate what is false. You should observe how you get angry and exactly what happens within your mind when you get fearful or jealous? You should also observe how you get hurt. You should try to understand the mechanism of mind. Reading books about how to control your mind has no value. You should watch your mind in action.

In extreme anger you behave like animal. Suddenly stop, close your eyes and watch this animal in action. Don’t say anger is bad. Don’t say why anger is necessary in this situation. Just look at anger intensely, deeply. Look at all the images running in your mind. Observe the sensations in your body. This observation will show you the path of liberation. There is no hurry. Careful observation is more important than enlightenment. Actually enlightenment has no meaning at all. This observation is the beginning and ending of all spirituality. Everything else is just bullshit.

This observation is not for the lazy man. One should get crazy about this. One should get addict of seeing what’s going on in my mind. It should not have any motive. If you are lazy then it is better to have faith in the father who is living in the heaven. He will save you from lots of fears. But you will never know what fear is.

When you observe the mind you never know what will come out. In this honest observation there is no place for kundalini, chakra, sounds, or any mysterious experiences. If you keep observing your mind then it will become more orderly. It will not live in illusions or false conceptions. And that is the only benefit of meditation. To live without illusions means to live a truthful life. Then there will be equanimity in all situations. Then your actions will not come out of beliefs and concepts but they will come from the light of awareness.