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Meditation is not a technique

From my meditation window 6
Photo by: Guy Tetreault

Meditation can not be a method or a technique. How can you go beyond mind by a technique or a method? Do you think truth can be attained through a method? A technique is essentially mind. If you are following some guru, some method or technique then be certain that you are not going any where and it is nothing but an illusory state of self hypnosis. Technique means a mechanical process, it is unconscious. And more you meditate mechanically more you become unconscious. A mechanical process makes you more like a robot.

Mind needs constant occupation hence search for methods, techniques, path and gurus. Your so called meditation is actually the continuity of the thought. A mantra or puja is occupation, it can not lead you beyond. At the most it can lead you into a trance, but it can not transform.

When you see this fact NOT intellectually but actually then mind empty itself from all kind of occupations and become vacant, THIS is the beginning of meditation. If you want to go further from yourself then only there can be a path or a method. But if you have to come to yourself there can not be any path. All path leads you somewhere. If you want to come back to your self then there can not be any path.

If you are effortless, not doing anything not even doing meditation because it is also an act, totally unoccupied and relax then you are in meditation. Meditation happens spontaneously if one is aware of the habit of getting occupied every moment.

Mind likes to be occupied with enjoyment and entertainment to forget itself. A mind occupied in bhajan, puja, chanting or ceremony is escaping from itself. You are in mediation when the seeking for enjoyment and constant occupation is gone.

A technique of meditation having an authority of guru is a copyrighted market product which cannot lead you anywhere.