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Kundalini and chakra

MG was seating in the bar as usual with his friends. The discussion turned towards the topic of metaphysics and esoteric.

One friend asked MG, “Why there are different numbers of Chakras in different scriptures? Somewhere they are four, somewhere six and in some books there are twelve. All masters talking about Kundalini rising but Gurdieff said it is a buffer, Kunda Buffer and Krishnamurti not even mention it. How to know who is right?”

MG takes a sip, lights his cigarette and replies, “They are just maps and the map is not the territory. Enlightened masters created roadmaps for the convenience of disciples. Suppose you travel from Mumbai to Delhi by train then there will be many stations, but if you travel by airplane there will be very few stops.”

“By the way you can also sleep in Mumbai and wake up directly in Delhi; in that case you will not notice any station.”

“And MG, how you made your journey, waking or sleeping, by train or by plane?”, asked the friend.

MG took a long puff, made a big circle of smoke in the air and replied after a short pause, “Actually I realized before starting the journey that ‘Mumbai is Delhi’ and ‘Delhi is Mumbai’ so I canceled the trip.”