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Meditation is easy

Buddha in my Heart, easy meditation By h.koppdelaney Now, you are reading this post and noticing words and sentences. At this moment perhaps you are not aware of the white space between the two words till I mention. Actually that white space is bigger than my words but you still missed it. To notice the white space around the word is awareness. But you are still missing to notice the breathing, and weight of your body and the sounds that are going around you and many many things. Awareness is so simple that we don’t notice that it is there. It is not an object itself but it is in the background, silently witnessing everything that is going on. Meditation is nothing but a search for this SILENT WITNESS which is real nature of you. You may call it Samadhi, Satori, Enlightenment, The presence, Nirvana or anything. But it is very simple and available to you this moment. Remember, it is always in THIS moment only, without any exception. That means you can attain to this silent witness THIS moment, never in the future. All techniques of meditation are designed to bring you into this moment. For example Buddha talks about Vipassana. Vipassana means to pay attention to your breathing. You can not breath in the future or in the past, so as soon as you become alert of your breathing, you are present. It takes only a fraction of second. Meditation is that easy. Try this now, close your eyes and just shift your attention from noticing the activity of the thoughts to noticing the silent background in which the thoughts are occurring. As you keep observing this silent background, you will realize that you can be aware of it even while the thoughts are coming and going. Thoughts will take you into the future or past but noticing the Gap between two thoughts will instantly bring you into the Present. As soon as you are Present almost 95% problems will suddenly disappear, because they are not real. It is just a train of thoughts. You are feeding them with constant thinking. This is what the ego is. Ego means to give continuity to problems which does not exists. Ego is a problem factory. This factory can not run without your support. This awareness or alertness is ever presence and same in all situations. Experience of this alertness is the ending of all psychological turmoil, fear and sorrow. If you look into the tension itself then you will see that the tension is nothing but thoughts moving speedily in one direction, and that same thoughts are moving in opposite direction to control the speed of this train of thoughts. The more you try to control this speed, more you get tense. Meditation means just observation. Just observe this chain and become alert and you are out. Constant movement of thoughts create illusions which you may call fear, phobia, anger, jealously, anxiety, insecurity, lust, frustration etc. All these things are just thoughts. You should learn to look into these ‘clouds of thoughts’ for ‘white space’. Once you find this white space then enlightenment is just a matter of decision that I’ll never loose myself in illusions, that’s all.