Who is MG?


Nothing special to say about me except I exist and I AM!

Currently I am living on the planet of sleeping people namely THE EARTH,

where religion means killing,

patriotism means to hate others,

where yoga and meditation is a billion dollar industry,

mafias are politicians and politics is prostitution,

where corruption is considered as a skill and talent,

where gurus are confused and disciple are enlightened!

…Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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  1. hi MG

    read your 10 secrects they seem excatly as all the enlightend persons have tried to say about what cannot be said ..it may just be my idea or how i see things ..i mean may be i see the same basic things in all these wonderfull people.. thanks for taking time out and writing the book for all and nobody …i am trying not to try anymore… its so confusing to write it..but may be you can understand.. thanks with all my love – arun

  2. Sorry,
    But this approval of comments is against freedom.
    Who decides which comment is relevant, to whom and with what criteria?
    This approval is against what you are saying here.Unless you are parroting somebody. like J.K

  3. Hello friend,
    To the people who posted criticisms (and I welcome criticism, at least somebody is using his brain!)on this blog on what I am attempting express, I don’t think you understand my message. I am not claiming to be the only authority on meditation. Nor am I the best teacher. I am just giving what I know back to the world with my love. If you have something to teach I will be glad to learn from you and welcome your post here! Every teacher is also a student.

    One more thing there are two Krishnamurti, one is Jiddu another is UG, U.G. Krishnamurti. Anyway I do not belong to any particular school but it seems you only know about Krishnamurti and there is also Osho and Raman and Gurdjieff. Krishnamurti’s teaching can be find in Ashtawakras Mahageeta (thousands of years before Krishnamurti). And Changdev Paasashti (a collection of 65 ovi addressed to an allegedly 1400 years old yogi named Changdev Maharaj written by a 14 year boy named Dnyaneshwara). And there is Tao and there is Zen there are lots of schools. School is your word, actually I don’t like this word because I like to learn from everywhere. And there is school of NLP and I like Richard Bandler and in Hypnosis I belong to Milton Erickson’s school. All those great people said “One should always keep learning from everywhere”. I learn from great masters, from there works and books and videos etc. And I learn through visualization and my imagination. Every year I read thousands of books and consciously, unconsciously my words may carry that flavor. I never compared JK with Osho or Osho With Gurdjieff and never analyze whether Zen is better or Sufi is better or Tao is better, never. People with Krishnamurti missed his teaching, people with Osho missed his teaching and they waste their time and energy in analyzing who is better, who is right and who is wrong. That is a way to avoid going into the silence.

    Comment moderation is a part of discipline to avoid spamming, porn links or abusing or scolding. I always publish almost all comment with my reply if they are to the point.

    1. Dear MG,


      The fact is JK opens the mind then he is not required any more – that is the cosmic system what we are in , u r right in narrating the many persons , my saying will be can a man live in this world with reality , factually with truth – is it possible.

      I have been living for three decades to great extend to Truth but ur surrounding does not understand , i have been forced by the government machinery to do non sense, put with police case and so on—

      my simple question to all is can we human live for Truth when we understand and see what it is has it is ?

      1. Namaste Sriram, the only sane way to live in this insane society is to live a truthful life. Living in reality means living in the present moment. You said you have been forced by government to do nonsense. Just remember that you are living in a society which has its own rules and stupidities. As long as you are connected with them you will have to follow them. Most of the rules are designed for creating an order in society. The intention behind the rules is good. But people are blind. Well, as you start living with meditation or awareness you may find many of these rules are unnecessary or stupid. But still as long as you belong to society you will have to follow them. Take life as a game. Game is not a serious thing but still every game has its rules. Living with truth does not mean to break rules. Actually you can find freedom, god or truth living in the boundaries set by society.

        Second question you asked, can we human live for truth? Yes! Why not? First time when you wake up from sleep you look around and see that everyone around you is living in a sleepy state. You see that the whole society is living in a kind of hypnotic state. And you are alert. Now tell me who is more powerful? A person who is walking in sleep or a person who is awake? A person who is living a truthful life is essentially awaken. A single person who is awaken is more powerful than the whole society who is living in sleep.

        When you see that this life is just like a dream then even death can not shake you. Then you are a freedom bird. From your another comment it seems that you want to ask something more. You can send me email on mg@meditationguru.in / mg.meditation@gmail.com

  4. Wow!Your 10 tricks were completely mind-blasting.I always felt that these things to be left n start our own journey.But somehow my master always convinced me that he is also not wrong.But between all this one thing is true that when we go to such places we get some more conditioning due to a system followed by them.Also this is true that we get dependent on our guru.But contradictory to it is that I can understand u completely because of his teachings and some spritual experience i had in my childhood.Since then i am seeking it back.So I am once again thinking before I drop my master.But above all I think u can help me get my real nature back.I definately love ur approach.I wish to personally meet u or talk over d phone.I am serious.Hope u won’t dissapoint me.And with all love thank u.I have just downloaded your 30 sec meditation.Lets see what it hath to say.

  5. Aniket, be couragious to stand alone. And this is a parodox that I can be helpful to you ONLY if I don’t help you
    But I’m not disapointing you, cheak your email.

      1. MG,
        I agree with you, moreover all Avatars were gurus at one point in time, and started their journeys like the recent day gurus ….. their journey ..the Avatars I mean, were to the Center ….or like the dew drop from the lotus ..trying to reach the pond … if and when the drop reaches the pond ….there will be no drop left …. just the pond…
        ..so becoming an Avatar …is failure to reach the center….
        ..there is more …write.

        Another thing …. How can Age be NEW …. age is always OLD …. so how come there is something called New Age ??

        1. Alister, THIS MOMENT life is happening, and I’m going with the flow, I don’t know anything about New Age or ageing. THIS MOMENT or THE PRESENT is always fresh and new. I’m not Guru, I’m not Awatar. There is nowhere to reach and nothing to achieve.

          1. This page should be BLANK my friend …..to reflect your truth and in process achieve no-thing
            and with nowhere to reach ….you came from nowhere, you are now-here ..and you are going nowhere

            1. Alister, BLANK is no-thingness but at the same time it is also full-ness. It dance, sings, celebrate and express itself in many ways.

  6. I have gone thru your blog and you seem to have realistic and totally different opinion about mediation and spiritual stuff. I would like to know your opinion on following questions

    Do you think breath meditation is not useful for our body and mind?

    Do you absolutely reject religious thoughts?

    What is enlightenment from your point of view?

    These questions might not directly help me but it will definitely help me understand why you think so different.

    Be frank on my comments.

    1. Manoj Shinde,
      Suppose, if you don’t know any meditation technique, you don’t know any guru, you don’t have any religious knowledge and you never heard the word enlightenment but still you want to know sincerely what is life, and who is this ME then what will you do?
      I reject all religions because they didn’t helped me to get peace and clarity. I also reject the idea of enlightenment because it is a concept as if it is a static state of mind.
      Who is going to enlightened?
      If you look inside there are thoughts, beliefs and ideas.
      You call this as ME.
      You keep modifing those beliefs and changing religions, gurus and meditations and keep paddling to this ME hoping someday you will get enlightened in the future.
      Stop paddling, thats all.
      If you keep droping everything that is false moment to moment and keep the room always clean then what will happen?
      It does not take time to drop the garbage once you know this is false. Then there is no confusion because there is no borrowed knowledge which could create conflict.
      Then there is silence and clarity which is not outcome of techniques. You don’t need to get enlightened, you only need to recognize the false.
      Still if you ask me what is enlightenment in my view then I’ll say that freedom from all concepts, beliefs, religions, fear, and suffering is enlightenment.
      When you are no more victim of your own imagination and suffering because of unconcious living then this is enlightenment.
      People who claim that I get enlightened under a tree at 12 o’clock in the night on this and this day are making you fool, because that moment is now passed. People may worship that tree for hundreads of years but that place, time and date has nothing to do with enlightenment.
      Suppose you are walking on the road and suddenly you realized that you are carring an idea which is stupid and you drop that idea then do you keep record of that time, date and place?
      It’s like that.

    1. If you like gayism then go for it, and enjoy. I don’t see anything good or bad in gayism, at the most it is stupid act but not sin. It is religious decease. So called religious teachers comdemn natural sex and become gay.

      1. So is it ok to be gay for whole life.. i don find any religious reason for gayism.. but its just the way one thinks and cant change it because he is just that way.. but is it required to become heterosexual in this mother nature? to get married ? to produce children? do all such things needed to complete the life? do these things make way towards enlightenment?

        1. Nothing is needed to complete the life except awareness. Life is already complete. There is no way towards enlightenment, you are enlightened as long as you are living consciously in the present moment. Whether you are married or not married makes no difference. Basically there is no difference between sexual pleasure and any other pleasure. Pleasure is pleasure. But as a person starts living consciously it becomes difficult for him to overindulgence in pleasure, then gay-ism will become difficult, because it is not natural, it is a mindset. Then eating flesh will also become difficult. Smoking or drinking habits will automatically disappear. Animals are not homosexual, only in zoo they become homosexual. So when natural sex is prohibited people turn towards substitute, this is the reason for gay ism or lesbians. As you grow more and more in consciousness sexual needs become less and less.

  7. “…Please correct me if I’m wrong..”

    yet another guru trying to establish himself through modern standards.

    nobody will correct you as long as you ask others to correct.

    world is at its best and there is no problem.

    1. Congrats…!
      You are the first person who AT LEAST tried his best to correct me!
      But how did you directly come to this conclusion that I’m trying to establish myself?
      Don’t you see that I’m already well established Modern Guru (MG)?
      Anyway, I feel so flattered to know that I fit with so called “modern standards”. I really hate to be a traditional. I seriously take your statement as the BEST compliment.
      Very soon I’m going to start collecting donations, sell silly books, techniques, kriyas, pillows, crystals, mantras, and incense to make money like other Gurus in the market.
      I’m so glad to know that we live in a world which is “at its best and there is no problem”.. no terrorism, no hunger, no poverty, no violence, no cast-ism, no boundaries of nationalism.
      In short…”all iz wel…!”
      Thank you!

      1. you are not established yet but soon you will be. you are attempting your best .
        you can take my statement as a best or worst compliment its up to you.
        terrorism, hunger, poverty, violence, cast-ism, boundaries of nationalism,environmental issues,robbery,kidnapping,rape,death ,volcanoes earthquakes,tsunamis,meteor,epidemics,AIDS,alien invasions et al and much much more modern specifications to attract people, especially young generation. but unfortunately these are not you creation,and you can not even touch them ,all you can do is just brag about it and declare superficial establishments.
        all the best

      2. “I am living on the planet of sleeping people namely THE EARTH”

        most effective and brilliant word used to attract common people that ” you are all asleep and i am awake”
        good start for a succesful guru carreer.
        you can use much more technical and fancy words such as Unconsciousness and unawareness in later stages of your success.which will make them revere to you.
        people are sleeping and whole world is sleeping and you have an open eye and see it all. how they regenerate,how world is growing ,how the resources are being exploited ,how people take birth ,how they die .whole nature is alseep its only you somehow out of odd woke up and found it.
        good wishes for a quick popularity . let people know here is someone who have woke up and will save them from something unknown .

  8. “on this blog on what I am attempting express, I don’t think you understand my message.”

    there is no message nor any understandings- when will you realize it mg!

    1. If there is no message then why are you sending messages? If there is no understanding then why are you trying in vain to convince me? Is there such a thing as “realization without understanding”?

      1. i am extremely sorry mg, …for sending you nasty and abusive comments. after carefully reading ur books and articles i changed my view about u, it was my mistake, i should not behave like dumb ass. may b somewhere there is deep rooted hatred inside me which wants to b expressed…

        1. ^^^^^
          who is this idiot with name “simple”… talking all those nonsense and regression ?
          although…having no views and no regression…y i defend myself?
          well realization and understanding are miles apart … so with and without is not relevant..am i confused?
          plz help…

            1. ha ha….mind is what world has known. which is summation of logics .where mind drops existence drives.

              in the million and more years of survival mind came out just recently about 15-10000years ago. and lol it was just by chance.

              keep relying on your mind you go nuts. that is why so called meditation and related concepts emerged which were not inventions of mind but they evolved from sleep.!!

  9. May I know something more about MG other than the fact that he exists and he is… on this planet of Sleeping people. Like what he does apart from spreading his message of meditation, where does he live, his professional life etc. Though insignificant questions but being asked out of curiosity.

    1. Sherkar, I live in the present moment, and about my professional life … I’m a money magnet, money automatically comes to me when I need. 😉

          1. look at this, at least somebody is working . though anonimously but he is.
            btw was this site hijacked?? was not working since a long while??

            1. Site was not hijacked, but sometimes it does not works because of server downtime or heavy traffic as this site is hosted on a free server. Second thing there is no new post since many days because I am busy in other things. This is my side business…no loss no profit, there is nothing to hijack on this site. 🙂


    IMPORTANT note- come out of O##O , Ingredients cannot be invented yes they can be discovered but nothing ever got discovered it existed somewhere in some form hahaha….

    1. You said, “I HAVE DRAWN A REALLY SHITY CONCLUSION”, yes what a SHITTY person LIKE YOU can do except drawing shitty conclusions.

      You said, “THAT WHATEVER YOU ARE SAYING IS THE SAME OLD HOLY-SHIT”, …if it is same old holy shit then why you are putting your finger into it? And why you are playing with it?

      ‘Burn them’ is a METAPHOR, and no one has reported me till date that a anyone has burned a single holy book, scripture or guru yet, after reading my book. All guru’s are safe, you can watch them on Hindi TV channels.

      And Abhishek, why you are laughing (hahaha, hahaha?) in your comment like a stupid asshole? It is a sign of a nervous person. You are nervous, you are NOT SURE about your shitty comment. You are NOT confident.
      This is bad manners.
      Only foolish people laugh like this for no reason.
      Next time if you send comment on my blog then don’t laugh, otherwise I will mark your comment as SPAM. When you laugh for no reason you appear more foolish.
      Abhishek, you are trying to criticize me, so when you shoot, shoot! Don’t laugh, ok?
      Don’t laugh like old Hindi movie villains. I get very irritate.
      And you said in the beginning, “brother…”, a stupid asshole like you can not be my brother. My brother is very intelligent. He is not stupid like you. And he is very busy man, he don’t have time to troll and send crap on blogs.
      (After reading my reply immediately look into the mirror and observe your expressions and ask yourself, WHY I ALWAYS BEHAVE LIKE A STUPID ASSHOLE?)

  11. MG it is nice find decent and straight forward peoples like you, I have read all of your three books and while reading “Ten Dirty Secrets” my half confussion vanished, the rest half has been dropped away with only sentence “Time is Thought” made realized that I(mind) always be weather in future or in past, and it is only a thought of time, as I(self) looked over thought with accute intelligence all present,past and future finished. The idea of time finished. It is only now and here, it is only I Am since last many days.

    MG I never wanted to attain any enlightenment, although I wanted to understand self and I am gratful you help to clear all confussions. I must not say thanks to you – since it would be to myself now. as I is every where or it is no where.

    1. Very good. There is nothing to say on your comment from my side. You are experiencing something which is beyond discussion. Enjoy!!! 🙂

  12. You: Currently I am living on the planet of sleeping people namely THE EARTH, Nowhere: Who decides this difference? People are sleeping and you awake? Please find fact first…. The REALITY is always free, ever present. Who is sleeping? You: where religion means killing, patriotism means to hate others, where yoga and meditation is a billion dollar industry, mafias are politicians and politics is prostitution, where corruption is considered as a skill and talent, where gurus are confused and disciple are enlightened! Nowhere: Are these not concepts? Who labels all this? Who decides what is right & what is wrong? I am right & all other wrong is core belief which misguides many people & they wrongly assume they are better than others! You:…Please correct me if I’m wrong. Nowhere: Is this not also doubt? Who cares if it is right or wrong? RIGHT does need no confirmation & certification.

  13. Who cares really if IM right and wrong……A very sharp and right answer MG.

    This answer proves YOU ARE with no more doubt, independent of all identificaiton. This was the answer only SIMPLE & SHARP being like you could provide



    1. Ameya, my message is very simple ‘live in the present with alertness’ that’s all. To avoid any confusion I keep everything to the point and compact. Yes I’ll keep writing but it will not be too much 🙂
      One should know how to protect himself on the streets. You don’t need to become a master but at least you should be able to survive and protect your family. Ninjutsu is good but Krav maga and Systema are the best hand to hand combat systems for modern man. They are easier to learn then any traditional martial art. You can learn a lot from watching videos. My nephew (studying in 6th class) learned many techniques from Youtube videos and DVDs. Just focus on how to survive a street attack within 10 seconds. It is more important to develop a killer instinct then to just learning techniques. Be creative, you can use anything as a weapon. You can not carry a knife but you can use a pen or car keys. Imagine how personal items like suitcase, umbrella, walking stick, chair, office accessories, dining set can turn into deadly weapons. Use your imagination. Minimum and natural movements are always best. Lower kicks are good in real life situation. Practice peripheral view so that you can block punches and kicks from any direction. You don’t need to become like a Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan. Just learn few easy and quick techniques and keep practicing. Know your limitations. Remember you are not going to kill anyone, you are just going to escape and run.
      I think fast running is the best self defense technique for the common man 🙂

  15. Hi MG,

    I can keep my awareness almost totally through my waking day but now i want to try to extend it through my sleep. Do you remain aware through your sleep? Do you get tired if you don’t actually fall asleep at night? I have lots of questions about this and wondering if i can ask you about them if you have much experience with this?

    You don’t need to put this on your website if you just reply to me that will be good.



    1. Hello Louis, I send you mail but I think your question is important and it may be helpful for other people.

      There should be no demand or expectation in meditation. If you try to remain aware during sleep then you will get tired and your natural mechanism will get disturbed. Second thing there is no need to remain aware in sleep. It is more important to look into fear, anger, anxiety or any negative emotion then to remain aware in sleep.

      If you remain aware then you can not say that it is sleep. Either there is sleep or there is awareness. If you can meditate effortlessly during night then you can remain aware for whole night and still you will not feel tiredness in the morning but it is not necessary.

      My view is very simple, when you feel hungry then eat and when you feel thirsty drink.

      Yes there are many possibility, one can remain alert for whole life without sleeping but I don’t suggest it. In my view it is more important to watch fear, anger, depression, jealousy, panic, anxiety, negative emotions and thoughts then to remain aware in sleep. Just live in the moment and if sleep comes then go to sleep. Because it is the need of your body. Do not fight with natural mechanism. If you don’t need sleep then don’t sleep. If you really don’t require sleep then it is alright. But there is nothing spiritual in it.

      If you remain aware in daytime then you will save lots of energy and your sleep will become less. If you remain aware in day time then you can suddenly become aware in sleep also, mostly if you are dreaming. In the middle of dream suddenly you will become aware and the dream will get disappear. In the middle of dream you will realize that this is dream and suddenly you will wake up.

      If you remain aware in day time then dreams will become less and less. Then you will have dreamless sleep. Many times there will be effortless awareness for the whole night. But remember it is effortless. I suggest just remain alert whenever you remember and watch your mind. You will be able to see deeper and deeper layers of mind. There is not much difference in day dreaming and night dreaming. If you can remain alert during daydream then one day you will be automatically become alert in the night dreaming.

      Don’t do any extra efforts to forcefully remain aware during night.

      When you go to bed feel your weight, feel different parts of your body, watch your mind, listen to the sounds around you and let the sleep come naturally. Do not fight. If you remain alert effortlessly then it is well and good. Then you will not feel tired. But if sleep overcomes then let go and go to sleep. Your sleep will have different quality. You will carry your awareness in your sleep. Then there will be less dreams and you will wake up if there is any nightmare. Sometimes you will notice that you are dreaming and as soon as you become alert the dream will get vanished. But this happens automatically.

      In short it is side effect of remaining aware during daytime.

      You asked me, “Do you get tired if you don’t actually fall asleep at night?”

      No, because I never try to remain aware. I never force anything upon myself. I had countless nights without sleep but I never get tired.

      If I feel hungry I eat and when I feel sleepy I sleep. If I’m awake then I enjoy listening to the sounds around. It is beautiful experience to listen sounds around you during night. If you enjoy then anything is good. If you enjoy listening to the sounds then you can listen to them for whole night and still you will not get tired.

      Doing has limitation but flowing has no limitations. If you go with the flow and you enjoy remaining aware during night then it is okay. There is no difference whether you meditate in day time or in the night.

      Love and compassion is more important then to remain aware in sleep.

  16. Hi Friend,

    Its interesting , in fact i am living with the life for three decades with experiencing the same – my life changed after reading J Krishnamurti books.

    There is no Truth with the society and human existence is nothing but a default life.

    pl let me know your email.


    1. Hello Sriram,
      You said ‘my life changed after reading J. Krishnamurti’, that’s really great!
      Yes what you said is true that there are many people in society who don’t want to live a truthful life. But we can not do anything about them. We can work only on ourselves. In my view you are a serious seeker of truth but you can awaken only to yourself. You can never awaken the society. You will have to find ways to live a truthful life in this society.
      You can send me email on: mg.meditation@gmail.com / mg@meditationguru.in
      (I also replied your another comment which you can find by scrolling up this page.)

  17. Hi MG. What do you think about Ramana Maharshis enquiry-method? Can you perhaps shed some light on the similarities and differences between it and your approach?

    1. Hello PK, some people can just keep repeating the question ‘Who am I?’ forever like a mantra and that is the danger. Second thing when you ask a question, it is the tendency of the mind to give an answer. Mind will provide many satisfactory answers to stop you from repeating the question.

      No doubt, this question ‘Who am I?’ is the most important question in life but only when you don’t repeat it like a robot. This question should be alive, it should not become a habit or mechanical repetition. It should not become a mantra. It should remain an enquiry otherwise you can become tense or even lose the mental balance.

      You have asked about the similarities and differences between our approaches.

      In my view one should only observe the mind. If you observe your mind (emotions and thoughts: fear, anger, lust, hatred etc.) and their subtle ways then you will automatically get free from all illusions and clutches of the mind. Simply observe your mind, don’t do any technique, don’t follow any method or guru. In time all techniques become a part of your mind and mind repeat them like a machine. So simply observe this mechanical tendency of the mind, there is no need to do anything else.

  18. First of all I want to say great blog! I had a quick question that I’d
    like to ask if you do not mind. I was interested to know how you center yourself and clear your mind prior to writing.
    I have had a difficult time clearing my mind in getting my ideas
    out. I do enjoy writing but it just seems like
    the first 10 to 15 minutes are generally lost simply just trying to figure
    out how to begin. Any recommendations or
    tips? Kudos!

  19. Hi MG!

    Thanks for you writings, they helped a lot in simplifying things and seeing that I don’t need ready-made answers. I can also see for myself!

    By the way, in many of your posts you refer to reading insane amount of books. How do you do it? Have you always been that way or did you somehow learn it? Do you fully read them or just browse them through searching for interesting things? Any tips on how to become a faster and better reader?

    Thanks again!

    1. Thank you Miekkis for your message.
      Yes, I read many books on different topics since my childhood and I fully read them. Reading is one of my hobby.
      In my opinion ‘curiosity’ and ‘interest’ automatically makes you faster and better reader. I know about speed reading and photographic memory but still I enjoy natural reading. I don’t try to remember everything (details) which I read. I simply read for the joy and learning.
      Although the basic theme of this blog is ‘Meditation and Spirituality’ I am interested to give ways for ‘Faster Mind and Emotional Control’ because that is what most people need. In my view most people don’t want Nirvana or Enlightenment. They want a quick fix for there relationship problems, fear, anxiety, financial crisis, depression, frustration etc. So my writing is slowly shifting in that direction.
      Anyway, if you want to become a faster reader then don’t repeat words in mind while you are reading. Simply look at the letters. This is one of the simplest way of speed reading. Simply watch the letters, don’t read them. In the beginning you can use a pencil, just keep the pencil (or mouse pointer if you are reading an eBook on your PC) on the letters and move it forward and look at the letters. Then slowly increase the speed of the pencil and you will read speedily. In few days you will be able to read full sentences or even small paragraphs at a glance. I remember my mother used to finish Hindi/Marathi novels in 2-3 hours. At that time Gulshan Nanda (a popular Indian novelist and screenwriter), P.L.Deshpande, Munshi Premchand were her favorite writers. I learned this technique by observing her when I was in school. She is just 10th pass because in her village there was no provision for higher education or college.
      You asked, “Any tips on how to become a faster and better reader?”
      My answer is, “INTEREST!”
      For example if I read Krishnamurti then I get every Krishnamurti book available in the market and I read all of them without any judgement. I try to put myself in his shoes and I try to understand him from his point of view.

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